marts mate sheet 1 term 4

Predict: I predict this question will be about chance.

Read: What is the probability the spinner will land on five? Spinner numbers contain 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.

Clarify: I had nothing to clarify.

Mathematicians toolbox: I used have I seen a similar problem?

Big question: What is the chance that the spinner will land on five?

Solve: First I saw that all the numbers had equal chances so the 5 had a 1 out of 5 chance that the spinner would land in it.

Conclusion: In conclusion I used the strategy of have I seen a similar problem to get 1 out of 5 of 1/5.

maths mate sheet 2 term 4

Prediction: I predict that in this question i will have to work backwards.
Read: Fill in the missing number.
45 ? 5 = 9

Clarify: I have nothing to clarify.

The Big Question: What’s the missing value?

Mathematicians toolbox: working backwards

Solution: First I multiplied 5 by 9 and got 45 then to check I divided 45 by 5 to get 9 so my answer was 45.

Conclusion: In conclusion I used the strategy of have I seen a similar problem to get an answer of 45.

maths mate sheet 5 term 4

Predict: I predict that i will have ti use addition

Question: which deal costs less per gram?

clarify: I have nothing to clarify.

Big question: which deal costs less per gram?

Mathematicians toolbox: i used have i seen a similar problem.

Solve: Firstly, i had to double $3 and 250 so double $3 and u get $6, and if we double 250 it is 500. So because it has $5 for 500g and $6 for 500g it means that A was cheaper by $100.

summary: my answer was a because 3+3=6 and 250+250=500 and A was cheaper.

100 word challenge term 4 week 5

As she lifted the broken glass more debree fell onto poor Lele, she was helpless when things couldn’t get worse she started to sink into the green goo she tried to swim out but the currant was too strong and the swimming didn’t help her out with anything but the mist magical thing happened just as she was about to go under a cat lifted her up and out of the water it was magical because most people would think a dog would save her but the cat did and then became recognized by the world to be a hero.

100 word challenge week 4 tern 4

There is so much wind and the worst thing was that when the tree shook massive amounts of worms grubs and insects flew out off the tree and onto my face it was so disgusting and I hated it so much, I cry every time I think about what happened that day so please if you are on a windy tree make sure that it doesn’t shake because as it shivered they all jumped out onto me I even saw a massive spider.
I cant stop thinking about it though please help me save these endangered species, they need it.

100 wc week 3 term 4

I can’t see can help me? Please. I need help, I need to go back to the camp site, as I was walking back down to the camp site I saw a figure in the distance, I screamed in panic but it didn’t move I walked over curiously to the figure and saw that is was just a statue, relived I read about the statue and it says: BE WHARE! Panicking again a raced down to the camp and then I was welcomed, surprise they shouted in a welcome frenzy it was all just a big prank I was relieve.

BTN week 3 term 4 5 cent piece

The want to stop making the 5 cent piece because it cost 6 cents to make. The 5 cent coin was made in 1966, it was also the time when we introduced gold coins. Before that we used British money. Now in Australia we have 5 cents, 10 cents, 20 cents, 1 dollar and 2 dollars but before that e also had 1 cent and 2 cent coins. In 1992 the were stopped being made because they were also expensive to make. Now because everything is more expensive you cant really buy many things with 5 cents and aren’t as used full as they once were. Because the price for everything has gone up.

BTN week 2 term 4

A long time ago, kids around the world suffered from a disease called polio. It was really contagious and the symptoms could be really serious. In the worst cases kids suffered a lot of pain, many lost the use of their legs, and ended up with lifelong deformities.

In Australia, 40 thousand people were diagnosed with polio between the 1930′s and 1980′s, but for us, a vaccine was developed in the 1950s and polio was wiped out in Australia.

But overseas many children don’t have this vaccine, so a team of doctors go out to peoples home to vaccinate their children. Although they have found a cure some people don’t want to have their children take the drops because some think that America is trying to hurt their children, but that is not true, after all this they are still trying to get rid of polio.

100wc week 1 term 4 finally i could see again

No one expected it, but how could you, no one believed me either, but who would… it’s not every day that someone says I can see any more and how would you write the message they say well my one eye has gone blind but still no one believed me and as I grew older it got worse only later it came to my other eye now I was completely blind I had I white cane, as I walking across the road finally I could see but was hit by a car. I work up in hospital. I can see.

BTN term 4 week 1

These Hercules planes have a big job to do. They’ve been dropping supplies to people here, in this part of Iraq. It’s going to the people and it’s saving their lives. But Australia is delivering something else to Iraq, too: weapons and ammunition.
Well it’s all got to do with this group called Islamic State, or IS. IS has taken over several of Iraq’s cities, and is also killing innocent people from other countries.
The US answered the call with airstrikes, and Australia also wants to help stop Islamic state. But how? One option would be to send in combat troops, but Prime Minister, Tony Abbott, has refused to do that, because Australia spent most of the last decade fighting a deadly war there already. That’s one of the reasons why the Australian Government agreed to deliver weapons and ammunition to those fighting IS instead. The guns, bullets and other explosives might help win battles, but importantly Australian soldiers won’t be put at risk. Think of it as a way of helping defeat an enemy without doing the fighting yourself. And it’s a fairly common thing for countries to do.
There have been plenty of times throughout history, where countries have supplied weapons to each other during war. That support can make a big difference, but it doesn’t always work out entirely as planned. And that’s what some people are worried about in Iraq.
Sometimes the weapons can end up in the wrong hands, or cause problems over time. Especially because there’s no way to control what they’re used for after they’re given away. That’s exactly what happened in the eighties. America gave weapons to the previous government of Iraq to help them fight Iran, only to fight against the same Iraqi government, and against some of those same weapons, just a few years later, and then again in 2003.
While some people are for it, and say we should help however we can, others say we shouldn’t get involved at all. But Prime Minister, Tony Abbott, says Islamic State needs to be stopped. And weapon drops might be a safer way to help make that happen.