2013 5/6 a !!!!!!!

hey one yeaR HAS PAST!

im now in 5/6 a we havent done much… YET but tommorow we

have the swimming carnival gala day… um im not very conferdent

seeing as were versing other school. this year is going to be the best year ever! because this year camp with be going for 5 days and we’ve already got our own


theres one thing about year 5 that is sort of bad and sort of good and that is our lockers in the morrning you have to first go get every thing u will need for your first lessen once that lessen finneshed you go and put every thing back and then get every thing else you need for the next lessen but my class is on one side of the place and the lockers are one the other side most of the time its go to the lockers come back from the lockers


well  good bye for now