100 wc week #32

It was early in the morning and I couldn’t really see anything out side so I waited till the sun came out but unfortunately It was  only still 5:30 and as the time passed…6:00 and then I heard birds chirping dos barking guns firing bombs exploding and I didn’t realize  but I was in WAR! 6:30 as the sun came up every  thing slowed down war stopped dogs stopped birds stopped but one bullet didn’t just one and as it was fired the sun came up and I thought I was in a movie and dogged the bullet (cool huh.)

week #31 100 wc

Walking in the street I was when I saw a big circular shaped thing. I didn’t know what it was until three weeks later when it was finished and ready to be used. I was shocked when I found out it was a place called shooting practice for the army. I laughed. Then it hit me.  A bullet hit my arm and like most of these story’s  I ended up in hospital with blood loss and serious ingenerates. I didn’t feel good. A few weeks later  I was out of hospital and learnt never to go into that building again.


maths mate Q. 23

Q. What is the  weight of the seven bricks, if three and a half  weigh seven kilograms?

First of all I said well three and a half bricks equals to seven double seven equals 14 and double three and a half the answer is seven

So my answer was 14


The dogs of winter

I enjoyed this book because it was based on a true story of a boy (who was only five years old) living on the streets of Mexico when he was kicked out from his home.

He ended up living on the street having to steal food and beg for money. One day I was betrayed and now I have found myself on the street with a pack of dogs.

In summer and spring we went to the forest and soon enough they taught me how to hunt. In winter we would ride the train. This was me for three years.




Fill in the digits 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 7 and 8 so that the sum on each of the five lines is 17.

First of all I put the   7   in the top circle and the   1  going down to the right.

(THERE WAS ALREADY A 9 IN THE 3RD LINE DOWN AFTER THE 1) I added that line up and it          equalled to 17.

After that going down to the left I put down the 4


I added that up and it equalled 17.

After that in the middle I put a 2 I added that up and it equalled 17.

After the 6 on the left  I put down the 8 and on the bottom I put down 3 going up from there I put the last  number  5 I added every line up and every line equalled up to 17.


grammar mainia! exercise 10 adverbs

1. Computers are relatively new devices.
2. Many businesses use them daily.
3. Today, very fast computers are needed.
4. They produce statistics quickly and accurately.
5. Generally, they are quite easy to use.
6. Many people have never used a computer.
7. The baby has been very cranky lately.
8. Finally, she wrote the very last sentence correctly.
9. She smiled brightly and said that she was really sorry.
10. Politely, he asked for a second helping.

grammar mainia! execise 9 adverbs

1. They arrived early for class.
2. Can you come soon?
3. She placed the crystal vase carefully on the table.
4. You cannot drive there!
5. The bus will arrive here at noon tomorrow.
6. Yesterday, the strikers blocked the driveway effectively
7. Rick gave his girlfriend an extremely expensive gift.
8. Kate is a truly courageous woman.
9. They finished their work surprisingly quickly.
10. The weather turned really hot at the beach during this last week.

grammar mainia! exercise 8 Adjectives

1. The little girl ran along the dusty road.
2. Six delicious cookies were cooling on the rack.
3. The dark brown painted dripped on the new white carpet.
4. A beautiful red rose bloomed in a quiet corner of that flower garden.
5. The old curtains were torn and faded, and they flapped in the light breeze.
6. After a few hours, they arrived at the train station, nine miles from Minto.
7. The hockey arena is located on Water Street beside the steel mill.
8. They used paper plates for the annual picnic.
9. These apples are juicy and red.
10. The long summer months are usually hot and dry.

grammar mainia! exercise 6 verbs

1. Sue sat on the bench as we were jogging through the park.
2. John ate his lunch slowly.
3. He was enjoying a ham and cheese sandwich.
4. After work, we decided on a movie.
5. Since his accident, he has been driving more carefully.
6. You will never guess the answer.
7. Are you reading that magazine, or have you finished it?
8. Lucy will send you her new address.
9. Finally, the dealer agreed to our price.
10. Everyone wants a lucky lottery ticket