asia reflection

Over this project I learnt two very important thing for other projects

The most important thing with is how  to take notes and really get the really important things out of a article, instead of reading and righting the whole page out. Another thing I learnt was to be critical with my own work and how to improve on my work instead of taking away any righting but adding on to my work. Was

Before when I was first presenting I wasn’t very confident because it was early in the year. But now I have been talking in front of the class a bit more so I am now more confident.

Through out the whole presentation the only person who helped me was my brother he help me with righting my paragraphs  gathering up my information he also explained how to put righting in my own work

100 wc week #36


Its so hot and its so black I,m in the desert but not the sandy desert I’m in Antarctica and I am In a live poler bears fur but it is black and were flying through the air, WERE FLYING IM AFRAID. I don’t like heights if I die, I don’t have  heath insurance ahhhh!!!!, ahhhhhhh OH BE QUITE WILL YOU! Oh mum, dad what about the poler bear  and, I was flying oh brother it was one of my dreams, well at least in don’t need heath insurance that was to expensive any way. That would never work out.

Q. what is the weight of seven bricks  if three and a half bricks weigh seven kilograms?

S.  if double three and a half is 8 double 8 is 16 taking away 2 will equal 14 and so the answer will be 14

lost and forgotten

lost and forgotten


I don’t know how I got here or were this is but I am scared and lonely it is dark and I am deserted with no civilisation.

After 3 years on this island  I then new no one was going to be coming to save me, I was lost in this island I now know it has been 3 years because I have almost died 3 times in 3 long, cold, harsh winters.

One of my winters I recall goes something like this…

Must__ get __ AWAY! It is a cold winter night and I am fleeing from a pack of wild dogs they wore they all asleep and I was desperate for food and I think you can work out the rest. It is my first winter of my first year and so far I have completed a underground house for the rain and also a tree house I have never been so far away from home I have never missed my family so much but my heart tells me I wont be seeing them for a while. On that stormy night I almost died.

On my second year I will tell you how my spring went. So as I was walking I saw a pack of wild dogs and I new something told me to go up to them but I was so happy because after that moment they took me in as a pack member I was so honoured because if this hadn’t happened I was to surly die they gave me heat and food protection this was one of the best things I have done on this island.

Over this time I built many fires and have called a pone many over flying aircrafts but not one noticed the fire or the shouting or anything I have done. But it was the day I was giving up the day I told my new pack family that I cant and wont try anymore for any help but again they corrected me and it was so lucky I built such a big fire and as a helicopter was flying over they noticed and went In a circular shape before landing and just as I was about to leave I couldn’t leave my family behind I loved them so much when there was no one around the pack was there for me and after an argument a led them on to the helicopter and off of that island I was free to go to my family and yes I did as soon as I saw there faced. It was a miracle. Just for me.


Q.23 week 3 matyhs mate

fill in the digits 2,4,5,6,7 and 9 so that so the sum on each line is 18

at the top I placed 6 going down to the right I placed 4 and 8 was already placed

from the 8 going down 1 was already placed and going down to the bottom I placed 9

going up from the left I placed 2 and 7 and 5

winter sport

Alright the ball is coming this way, almost here… almost here oh and it land bouncing towards me I only have seconds to think what to do I have decided to grab it people have crowded around.  BZZZ! The whistle, what  have I done wrong wait it is a free kick for me alright waiting at the line voices every were they all want me to give them a hand pass but Devlin, his voice stands out and give him a hand pass and he kicks a goal yes.

A few minutes later the ball comes back I take the grab another free kick me again just about to kick and some one runs through the line I go forward and kick a goal

Winter sports is the best thing since slice breed.




Goh chok tong was the 2nd prime minister The population is

53 million

Sir Stamford founded Singapore in 1819

Hong Kong

Major attraction Disney land Feet binding for small feet to fit in small shoes Country located in china

South Korea

Population  50,000 million   approx. 11 year war period Flag meaning peace and harmony


Plenty of monsoons Lot of rice fields Only 2 seasons


Located in south east Asia Densely  populated

374.307 approx.

Bandar Seri Begawan

Is the capital city



Population is approx.

22.620.600 million

Densely  population 1 yen = 0.001 au dollars


China is the Largest country in Asia Population approx.

1.3 billion

300.000 men involved in building the great wall of china.

North Korea

Located in south east Asia. Densely populated

Approx. 24.000 million

Pyongyang is the capital city


Located in north east Asia Population 23.943.678

Million approx.

Typay capital city


Located in South east Asia Over 1.0 billion in population 35.000 different animals


Population 2.75 million Capital city ulna  baatar Dinosaur grave yard in clouding dinosaur eggs


Located around the Indian ocean Small country Capital city is the Colombo

east Timor

Located at the bottom of Indonesia Population 1.107.432

(Estimated 2008)

Only 2 seasons

Summer winter



Located in central Asia Population 176.745.360 Currency is called rupee


Located in south east Asia Developing  country Population approx.




Located in central Asia Population 47.758.181 million Main recourse is teak

Papa new guinea

The Kadoka  track is located in   papa new guinea Currency is called toa

3.10=1 us dollar

Population is approx. 6.000.000


Located in south east Asia Population is approx.


In there zoos there are 270 species of animals


Located in south Asia Population is over 150 million Capital city is Dhaka


 Located iunSouth east Asia Most people are Buddhist Discovered in 1511


The population is 87,840,000 Hanon is the capital city Biggest festival is called tet


Located in south east Asia Population is 13,995,904 million Dom pen is the capital city


Located in the northern part of Asia Population is 11,98 million Capital city is Moscow


Many endangered animals Population is 28,334,135 It is an independent country