the class systems


Our topic this term was the human body. And the system I was doing was the circulatory system. We had to talk about description, problems, future, care and history. With a group you had to discoes rolls for which sub title you would be a-singed to.

My group was Afrah, Theo, and I.

We also had to complete a working model for our group we had to make a working model of the circulatory system this included a working model of the heart also not a working model but the lunges, veins, arteries and capillaries.



Muscular system

The muscle in the muscular system always vary in size even the muscles on the same side or and the same muscles are a different size.  Muscles are all around your body and every single muscle are controlled by the brain. Muscles are every were in your body and even in your heart, it has a special muscle called cardiac.


Endocrine system

The endocrine system is made up of different glands and hormones. In 1885 the endocrine system was stated and descripted by Claud Bernard


Lymphatic system

The lymphatic system was discovered by dr.Gaspared Asselli. The lymphatic system is made out tissue and liquids. It is also one of the systems the protect your body against bugs and infection.


The Digestive System

The digestive system includes the intestines, pancreases, liver, stomach and the oesophagus witch is a 25cm long tube made of muscles. The stomach is muscular bag witch expands when eating, it also helps break down food after it has been broken down it takes one and a half hours to be digested.


Skeletal system

With 206 bones your skeletal system works as a barrier for your soft organs. And in some time ago bones were used as cutlery for forks knifes and spoons! Breaks, fractures and dislocations are problems for the bones but all can be fixed.


The Urinary System

The urinary system contains wast that needs to be thrown out and can store 0.5 litters of juice. The  circulatory system  helps the is the urinary system, Kidneys, bladder, urethra, and the ules are organs are included in the urinary system.




Nervous system

There millions of red and blue nerves there control the heart, spinal cord and brain these are very important for your body because without them you wouldn’t be able to feel anything.



Respiratory system

Lungs, mouth and the wind pipe are all included in the respiratory system, asthma, bronchitis, and numina are problems in the lungs but you can recover from them but cancer is a big problem because there is no cure.



All of this information is from projects that other people in my class have made, I have been taking notes and this Is what I have come up with.


100 wc #39

I am so lucky with were I live and the friends I have but I always dream of what  would  happen if 2 of my friends came with me to the wild and the 3 of us living with a pack of wolves with no electrics just the wild but it has only ever been a dream. But I have always wondered what would happen or what if I didn’t have all my great friend I have  always dreamed and wondered. Or it always been what if, what I would do. What to think about. But only in my dreams.