100 wc


I walked straight into mother natures trap quick sand, sucking up my feet I yeld for help as I held my breath awaiting my fait. I just stood there pushing through the earth then something grabed my hand and hearled me towards the sky, what were you doing sinking there in the quick sand. Your were the for so long without saying anything we dint know what to do. Struggling makes you go pushing though the earth faster now because of you we have to use water to clean you up, what a waist of water he muttered under his breath.

daily dash

I am going to make this year my best year by trying my hardest I will be optimistic by seeing the glass half full. I will strive towards helping everybody I can and getting to know everyone in my class, and around the school.

This year I am house captain for Lawson and I would like to make a difference for Lawson  I want to be helpful for the team and I would like for people to look at me for help and answers this is how this year is going to be my best.

classroom considerations

In 5/6 c we believe that we should model the school values care, respect, collaboration and optimism. We could do this by treating other people the way we wish to be treated. We will respect our workspace and ensure that we are organized. We will listen attentively to class discussion. Confidentiality is of the utmost important in our classroom community and as such what’s said in the classroom stays in the classroom.

letter of application

Dear Liz,

I wish to apply to your classroom as I would make a great classmate I am friendly and energetic. I am positive about learning and learning new things. I am determent and won’t give up easily I am sure that this year is going to be my best. I am vital for your class I am very helpful and optimistic. I will be happy to get out of my way to help others. I always turn my work in, I love to ask question, I am shy at first but as soon as I fit in I am happy to share my thoughts. I am determent and don’t give up easily I love learning new with a humour but not to the point where it is silly I have had an excellent mark on my report for behaviour for every year.

I am vital to your class because I am friendly, energetic, love learning and a very good listener. I am cooperative in new groups and love asking questions

I will be vital to have in your class.

Yours sincerely Ece

how to get on 100wc

  • Go on to Google
  • Type 100wc into Google
  • Click on the 100WC website
  • Scroll down to the prompt
  • Use the prompt to type up your story on word
  • Then publish on your blog
  • Go on 100wc site
  • Scroll down to the prompt and press the link that says enter your link here
  • Get out of that and go back onto your blog
  • Get the post on by itself
  • Copy the URL
  • Get the link
  • Go on 100wc
  • Were it says http highlight it then copy your link into that space
  • Above that put your name, year level, class and AUS make sure to put space E.G. JoeB yr6 MPPS AUS
  • Don’t worry about the rest
  • Press  enter
  • You’re done!

my job teachers job

My job Teachers job
To bring a packed lunch To help us
To stay on task To give us home work
To learn and study To give us directions
To come to school on time To bring activities for us
To listen attentively towards everyone Come to school on time
To do my homework To keep people on time
To follow directions given by the teacher tell people to behave- to make sure kids have everything they

100wc 22#

The party was the best thing ever everyone from around the world had come just to go to this party.
But unfortunately gate crashers had to come gun fire and explosion killed lots of people, I was lucky to escape unharmed live music was still going on until I realised that nothing had happened but this was the best party of my life 1 hour long and the line is still really long. Now there are light shows making even more people want to come how great is this party but then I realised that this is my part, awesome!

maths mate term 1 Q24

prediction: i predict that this will be about addition.
read: fill in the missing digits giving that no digit is repeated.
the big question: what are the missing digits.
mathematical toolbox:ill be using guess cheek and improve.
solve:the numbers are 1?7 48?= ??9 i though about 7 + 2 that = 9 so i put 2 in the first box going down (on the right). then on the first box in the middle (top going down) i had to make a choice because the only number there was 8 in the centre, i tried all the numbers going 1 up but all the numbers were repeated but when i got to 5 i did all the addition and all the numbers were right.
conclusion: the missing number was (right column going down) 2, centre column going down the answer was 5 and for the answer 3 and on the left column going down in the answer was 6 so the final product was