100wc 22#

The party was the best thing ever everyone from around the world had come just to go to this party.
But unfortunately gate crashers had to come gun fire and explosion killed lots of people, I was lucky to escape unharmed live music was still going on until I realised that nothing had happened but this was the best party of my life 1 hour long and the line is still really long. Now there are light shows making even more people want to come how great is this party but then I realised that this is my part, awesome!

2 thoughts on “100wc 22#

  1. That sounds like one great party! Even with all the drama of gate crashers and explosions you made it sound like quite an event, not to be missed. Just look for some places to add punctuation, and then your story will be even more fun to read! Otherwise, nice work.

  2. Hi,
    Thanks for joining in this week. I like how you’ve shown your excitement of being at the party! Sometimes, by adding commas and other punctuation, you can add more meaning to your writing. They can be tricky though so it takes practise! Well Done

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