3 Recalls

1-    It coast more then $25,000 do train all these dogs.

2-    The guide dogs need to understand special commands for her visually Impaired owner.

3-    You need a high standard to own a guide dog and need a police check for your house.






1-  You can take guide dogs any where and everywhere.

2-  They can not be left alone for more then 2 hours.




1 Question

1-    Why is it so expensive to raise a guide dog?



3 Recalls


1- Although the port river has lots of buildings around there are still pods of dolphins call this home.


2- They say because of the fish and the fact that it is protected from storms.


3- There aren’t any sharks there.




2 Understandings


1-    Speedboats can potentially kill dolphins, lots of dolphins are dying and 2 baby dolphins have died.

2-    When the factories do pollute the water they get fined by the government but they still make more money, so that wont stop them.



1 Question

1- Why doesn’t the government raise the fines?

100wc night zoo keeper

Run Jr run for your life. The patter of his footsteps was still repeated in my mind. I wanted to save him, but I thought I had enough time, I pushed him out of the way only to be hit myself. I will be staying in intensive care, but it is better then having my little puppy die in front of my eyes.

Now that I am out of intensive care I can live a normal life but no matter how much I try to move on I still have the same flashback about that dreadful day its so sad.


100 wc


I for one would make a great night zookeeper because I have night vision like a cat’s I can see what all the animals are doing at night time, and I don’t get tired easily so I can stay up all night and watch over, I can also run extremely fast, so if any of the animals try to run away I will be on their trail like ants on honey. So rest assure that your zoo is safe with me.

In the night nothing can get past me, nothing allowed in and nothing and nothing allowed to go outside.

Behind the news


3 recalls

  1. No matter how good the day looks or how good the water looks the rips could still be there and be deadly.
  2. Rips cause 90 deaths per year.
  3. Rips are cause by incoming waves and some water going the other way then a strong current is caused.

2 understandings

  1. Rips can be anywhere, including out in sea where it may look calm.
  2. If there are rips on the beach you should swim in-between them because there aren’t any rips but if you go outside them there could be rips anywhere and lifeguards will not be able to reach you, but if there aren’t any flags you should keep an eye out for rips.

1 question

  1. Why can’t lifeguards save everybody?

Math’s mate sheet 6

Predict: i think this will be about placing this missing numbers.

Read: Enter the numbers in the circles so that the numbers on each line equal the sum of the numbers at each end.

The Big Question: What are the numbers on each end?

Mathematical Toolbox: have i seen a similar problem.

Solve: On the right the number is 12 on the left the number is 18 and on the bottom 18. First i said 12 plus what = 18 it is six then because on the bottom it is the same the answer was 6 minus 18 equals 12 so that answer was 12.

Conclusion: the answers needed were 6 on the top, 6 on the bottom left and 12 on the bottom right.

Math’s mate

Predict: I have to fill in the missing digits.

Read: Fill in the missing digits, given that no digit is repeated.

The Big Question: What are the missing digits?

Mathematical Toolbox: Guess check and improve and draw a table.

Solve: The Question reads at the top going to the right-2?4

then on the second row going to the right it reads-?1? and on the bottom it reads- 9?0.

First on the right going down I put a 6 under the 4 because 6+4=0 and 0 was underneath that, next I put a 3 in the middle row going down and at the bottom i put a 5 in the left side going down I put a 7.

Conclusion: now that it is complete the answer is:

234                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           +716


Maths mate

predict: which weights need to be swapped.

Read: Which two weights need to be swapped to balance the scales?

Clarify: I had nothing to clarify

Big question: Which of these two weights need to be swapped?

Mathematical Toolbox: guess check and improve

solve: i first swapped 9kg and 6kg only to find that it was not balenced then i tried 9kg and 5kg  and it was balanced with the answer they equalled to be was 15kg on each side.

conclusion: the weight stat needed to be swapped were 9kg and 5kg.



Math’s mate

Math’s mate

Predict: I think this will be about calculating the black sphere.

Read: use the diagram to calculate the weight of one black sphere.

Clarify: nothing

The Big Question: how much does one black sphere weigh.

Mathematical Toolbox: have I seen a similar problem.

Solve: I worked out that 1 white sphere weighs 4 kg because 4×4 = 16 from then I worked out that 2 white spheres are 8kg and 8 divided 4= 2 then worked out that the answer is 2.

Conclusion: I worked out that 1 black sphere = 2kg

100wc #26

Look I’m telling you, dragons do exist they just live on some unknown island. I know this because I have seen 1 face to face I touched, you have got to believe me. Please give me a chance, I am telling the truth.

Security! Come take this man away! Wait, look up! Can you see those dragons! Yes I can and their going to swoop down on us. EVERYBODY DUCK! As the dragons were swooping down some news presenters came out and started to film the news: Coming to you first dragon, Dragons I tell you everywhere. WAKE UP ECE.