maths mate sheet 1 term 3 question 24

Predict: i think that i will have to use addition.

Read: each bead has a value according to to its colour. The value of the first 3 are given. what is the value of the last string?

Clarify: nothing to clarify.

Big question: how much is the last string of beads cost:?

Mathematical toolbox: i used “guess check and improve”.

Solve:i looked at the numbers with the answer given and worked out that the white  beads = to the value if 5 then the light beads = to the value  of 4. the = to 22. in the next sum the dark beads were worth 6 points.  in the last sum there was 1 white bead, 2 light beads and 2 dark beads that added to 25.

Conclusion: the answer was 25.

100wc week 2

Look man I don’t want to give it up and you don’t want to give it up and none of us want to give it to “her” they looked in the direction of where Jazmin was sitting, in school no one likes her and she does not like anyone so it works out to be a good thing. 3 people 1 chocolate bar left. Ok man lets just cut it in half “hey” I want it “I am afraid it’s the last one” we cant give it to her and faster the eye can see he broke it. Its eaten!

100 wc week 1

“Come on lets see the animals, I want to go into the forest” she screech with delight as we walked through the dragon infested forest, we walked with big round eyes watching us, then we found it, we found the dragon eggs we were looking for.

I touched one of the eggs and the egg hatched and suddenly the forest seem alive as if the trees were people and this dragon had done that for me suddenly I understood what trees felt when they are cut or hurt I found out that trees aren’t just trees but living breathing things.

BTN week 3 no more 5 cents

The want to stop making the 5 cent piece because it cost 6 cents to make. The 5 cent coin was made in 1966, it was also the time when we introduced gold coins. Before that we used British money. Now in Australia  we have 5 cents, 10 cents, 20 cents, 1 dollar and 2 dollars but before that e also had 1 cent and 2 cent coins. In 1992 the were stopped being made because they were also expensive to make. Now because everything is more expensive you cant really buy many things with 5 cents and aren’t as use full as they once were.

BTN week 2 dead letter

900 jobs are being cut from the post. Back in the day letters were really use full but because now we do not use the letter system the post office is not getting enough money and the internet is taking over. Now because people can use email or other websites to see their bills, the post office isn’t really required. In 2013 1 billion less letters were sent then there was in the year 2008.

They need to deliver letters to 98% of the population, keep 4000 post stores open around the country, pick up letters from at least 10,000 street letterboxes and on top of all of this, it has to charge one small amount per letter for all that effort, right now it is 70 cents.

Although the internet is to blame for the little amount of letters it is also helping it because if you buy something online it will need to be delivered to your door by the post office.

BTN week 1 text walking

Phones are making it dangerous  on the street and on the road. And lots of accident happened when people have their head stuck in their phones.

Headphones can also be a problem because people walk across the street, road or anywhere the can fall, trip and get hurt. Headphones don’t allow you to pay attention to other people or roads you may be in an accident or cause an accident for someone else. And there is also no law that says that people have to pay attention or take their headphones off, so people are risking their life.

Aim- to find the best way to prevent rust. Partner: Marley B


  • Beakers x 3
  • Nails x 4
  • Oil – 10ml
  • Wax – 10ml
  • Soapy water x 30ml
  • Water x 50ml
  • Tweezers x 2
  • Petridis x 1


Step 1 fill 2 beaker with 50mls of water. And another beaker with 30mls water

Step 2 fill the other beaker with 30mls of water with 15mls of soap.

Step 3 fill 1 beaker with 10mls of   oil.

Step 4 place 1 nail in oil, 1 nail in soapy water and 1 nail in water.

Step 5 get 10g wax and melt over Bunsen burner.

Step 6 get your melted wax and place in a Petridis.

Step 7 before the wax sets, place 1 nail in there and cover with melted wax.

Predict Observe Explain
Oil– I predict that it will rust a tiny bit, because it isn’t a protective layer. 1 2:40 no change in colour or smell. Because the oil, soapy water  and water won’t be protective enough
Water- it will rust because of the air in water. 1:00 air bubbles have formed around the soapy water nail but no change.  
Wax- no because it will form a solid layer 1:20 no change  
Soapy water- no because of the air bubbles will provide the oxygen to cause rust. 3:00 rust has formed around the nails in the water, soapy water and oil but nothing on the wax nails.  


Result: as a result the oil, soapy water and water weren’t protective enough and caused rust to form.

Conclusion: in conclusion the wax proved to be the best at preventing rust because no rust formed.


I believe that I have achieved both of my short term goals because I can take control of what we are doing and I am not letting Jack take over.


I also believe that I have achieved becoming a better story writer I can write long story’s and have interesting ideas, I have written a story 14 pages long and my peers found it interesting.


I have achieved my long term goal because by achieving my short term goal of becoming a better house captain I have become a better listener and better leader.


Semester 2 goals

Short term goal

My short term goal is to become a faster reader and have a wider range of reading choices, i also want to be better at maths.

Long term goal

My long term goal is to become a neater person, on my table and in my writing books I need to have neater writing.

goals semester 2

Semester 2 goals

Short term goal

My short term goal is to become a faster reader and have a wider range of reading choices because now all that I read is about animal but there isn’t much choice in the books.

Long term goal

My long term goal is to become a neater person, on my table and in my writing books I need to have neater writing.

BTN Term 3 week 1

Only 1 in 30 Australian people donate blood. The average human body carry’s 5 liters of blood. 1 in 3 Australian people will need a blood donation. Before you have to answer questions and have tests. Most of the donations will go to people who have cancer another type of sickness. You can do an all blood donation which means that you give everything in your blood cells and plasma or just plasma which helps fight off infections. After it will be taken to a lab to make sure it is clean and also to find out which blood type you are.  O+ positive is the most common and can be given to any blood type different or not.