text walking BTN week 9 term 3

Phones are making it dangerous  on the street, next to trains and trams  and on the road. And lots of accident happened when people have their head stuck in their phones.

Headphones can also be a problem because people walk across the street, road or anywhere the can fall, trip and get hurt. Headphones don’t allow you to pay attention to other people or roads you may be in an accident or cause an accident for someone else. And there is also no law that says that people have to pay attention or take their headphones off, so people are risking their life just for music.


maths mate sheet 7 term 3 question 22

Predict: I predict this will be about working backwards.

Read: I think of a number,multiply it by 3 and the  divide by 2. If the result is 18, what was the original number?

Clarify: I had nothing to clarify.

Big Question: What was the original number?

Mathematicians toolbox: I used working backwards.

Solving: First i new that i needed to work backwards so i needed to use inverse operation so it became 18 times 2 divided by 3 and the answer is 12. i was working backwards and using inverse operations.

Conclusion: I learnt that you need to work backwards in these questions, like theses and use inverse operations. my answer in the end turned out to be right.

battle for Australia recount

On the 3rd of September it was commemoration day for “the battle for Australia”. The day started at 10:00am and went till 12:30pm during this time we honoured the soldiers who lost their lives for Australia, to keep it the way it is now.. we made prayers and sang songs: “be still my soul” and “I am Australian” . we did this to pay tribute to the soldiers and stood around the eternal flame an placed flowers around it to show respect. 6 students from different schools got up to deliver written speech about what the solders went through and how they dealt with it.

We also had a jet fly over us simular to the ones used in the war.

That day we learned more about our country, our history and how it all came to be. the war went from 1941 to 1945.

That day not only did we pay tribute to the fallen soldiers who were fighting but to the soldiers who were captured, the people who supplied them and the nurses.

BTN week 8 living on the moon

In 1969 the first person landed on the moon. People want to live on the moon but some challenges would be how to get everything there, what materials would we use and how we would build it.

Although the moon looks plain under its suffuse there are many rare materials there. If we could build on the moon it would be a lot easier for rockets to take off as there is a lot less gravity and no atmosphere, but we couldn’t just take building materials because 1kg = 25,000 dollars, so we would have to build with things on the moon things like moon dust, scientist’s found that moon dust mixed with another substance found on the moon: sulfur, can make really strong bricks. Another problem is how will we gather enough moon dust to build it all?


BTN week 7 internt trolls

A new app has taken place to protect people form internet trolls. It is made to try and identify trolls on the internet, people who bully or intimidate other people. Because on the internet it is much easier for people to hide their identity which makes them think that they can say nasty things  and get away with it.

On the internet there are two main types of people they are trolls and cyber bullies: cyber bullies target certain people but trolls try to annoy anyone. Something’s you can do id to: is to block yourself off and go offline, tell someone and also just don’t respond.