BTN week 2 term 4

A long time ago, kids around the world suffered from a disease called polio. It was really contagious and the symptoms could be really serious. In the worst cases kids suffered a lot of pain, many lost the use of their legs, and ended up with lifelong deformities.

In Australia, 40 thousand people were diagnosed with polio between the 1930′s and 1980′s, but for us, a vaccine was developed in the 1950s and polio was wiped out in Australia.

But overseas many children don’t have this vaccine, so a team of doctors go out to peoples home to vaccinate their children. Although they have found a cure some people don’t want to have their children take the drops because some think that America is trying to hurt their children, but that is not true, after all this they are still trying to get rid of polio.

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