Daily Dash

WOOOO HOOOO this horse ride is amazing and these horses are just so speedy all in a line galloping but now slowing… slowing down to a walk into an awesome cave it so beautiful but dark and now I feel so tired, is it because it was dark? Beautiful cave with the flowing water and crystals hanging down, so we stopped to look around but time was up. Ok giddy up horsey! Come on let’s go! Times a wasting.

Hey wait for me, my horse won’t move. How could I possibly go on, something was preventing me?

Hello? Is anyone listening? I jumped off and landed with a thud! I looked at my horse and found that my horse was asleep so she can’t move and I have no methods of waking her, but then I remembered the water I cupped my hands and through as much water onto her face but nothing, I was stuck! So instead I tried to drag her away using the rains, but she wouldn’t budge.

I jumped on her back and she instantly lurched forward with me almost falling off but I held on for my life and caught up to them like nothing had ever happened and the ride continued.