literature circles

Author: Ursula  dubosarsky

Year published: 2000

Group members and their roles:

Jack– Discussion director

Emily – Word watcher

Jordan– Captain Comprehension

Ece– passage master

Ayla– tally master

Ben– connector

What worked well: everyone had the script they new their role and line and did their homework.

Considerations for next time: we could have gone for longer.

Plusses, minuses and interesting things of pod casting:

Plus – we all got to have parts and got it done.

Minus – we didn’t go for long enough.

Interesting – the into and outro music turned out to be funny even though

extreme weather reflection

Research Methods: I researched on the internet, I went on 6 different sites to check if my information was correct.

Note Taking: I paraphrased and put the information into my own words all into my science book.

How you worked with your partner: I think that I worked well with Tait but he would have done more work because he chose to take the power point home to finish it off.

Form of presentation: we chose to do a power point.

Honest account of the actual amount of work you completed: I completed all questions, help with the power point and checked the power point, made my que cards and practiced.

Anything that you would change: I wouldn’t change anything.


I believe that I have achieved both of my short term goals because I can take control of what we are doing and I am not letting Jack take over.


I also believe that I have achieved becoming a better story writer I can write long story’s and have interesting ideas, I have written a story 14 pages long and my peers found it interesting.


I have achieved my long term goal because by achieving my short term goal of becoming a better house captain I have become a better listener and better leader.


Semester 2 goals

Short term goal

My short term goal is to become a faster reader and have a wider range of reading choices, i also want to be better at maths.

Long term goal

My long term goal is to become a neater person, on my table and in my writing books I need to have neater writing.

Recycling homework

Packaging  Meat Milk Juice Soft dink Cereals Veggies Fruit Ice cream
Plastic Yes Yes Yes No Yes Yes Yes Yes
Glass no No No Yes No No No no
Cardboard No No Yes No Yes No No No
Paper Yes No No No No Yes Yes No
Tin No No No Yes No No No No
Aluminium No No No Yes No No No Yes
Polystyrene No No No No No No No No
Plastic film No No No no No Yes Yes No
Foil lined  cardboard No Yes Yes No Yes No No No


Packaging is necessary because we won’t know the brands we won’t know what we are buying and we won’t know what it looks like it may not look appealing if the customer buys it.

Paper is the most environmentally friendly  because it is biodegradable, reusable and recyclable.

Polystyrene is the least environmentally friendly because it is made from toxic chemicals and is hard to dispose.