Aim- to find the best way to prevent rust. Partner: Marley B


  • Beakers x 3
  • Nails x 4
  • Oil – 10ml
  • Wax – 10ml
  • Soapy water x 30ml
  • Water x 50ml
  • Tweezers x 2
  • Petridis x 1


Step 1 fill 2 beaker with 50mls of water. And another beaker with 30mls water

Step 2 fill the other beaker with 30mls of water with 15mls of soap.

Step 3 fill 1 beaker with 10mls of   oil.

Step 4 place 1 nail in oil, 1 nail in soapy water and 1 nail in water.

Step 5 get 10g wax and melt over Bunsen burner.

Step 6 get your melted wax and place in a Petridis.

Step 7 before the wax sets, place 1 nail in there and cover with melted wax.

Predict Observe Explain
Oil– I predict that it will rust a tiny bit, because it isn’t a protective layer. 1 2:40 no change in colour or smell. Because the oil, soapy water  and water won’t be protective enough
Water- it will rust because of the air in water. 1:00 air bubbles have formed around the soapy water nail but no change.  
Wax- no because it will form a solid layer 1:20 no change  
Soapy water- no because of the air bubbles will provide the oxygen to cause rust. 3:00 rust has formed around the nails in the water, soapy water and oil but nothing on the wax nails.  


Result: as a result the oil, soapy water and water weren’t protective enough and caused rust to form.

Conclusion: in conclusion the wax proved to be the best at preventing rust because no rust formed.