tying beginnings to endings

For the past few weeks the year 6’s have been working with Lee on “tying beginnings to endings” this is when you write a story beginning and a middle with a choice of using

  1. Intense action
  2. Intriguing question
  3. Feeling
  4. Sensory description
  5. Or sound effects (onomatopoeia)

And write the end of your story with the one you chose and my story I chose sound effects (onomatopoeia). This is my story:`

This the tallest hill in the city and I’m about to skate down it with the breeze in my hair I fly down the hill. ZOOM! Almost half way there!

I am flying! Oh o my skateboard hit a rock I am flying! CRASH! BANG! SNAP! The last thing I saw  was a skateboard wheel roll past me.

WEE OOW WEE OOW!  My little brother Josh came running and saw me holding my skateboard by the edge he grabbed it AAAAARRRRRRRRGGGGGG SNAP! Now in half.

My mum wasn’t too worried because I had my safety suit on and left without a scratch WOOO HOOO, but I can’t say the same for my skateboard.

So from now on I’ll be riding a bike. Zoom! Down the hill I go. WOOSH past the trees I go       and then… CRASH! Yelled Josh. Ill be the best at what I do. A stunt man!