marts mate sheet 1 term 4

Predict: I predict this question will be about chance.

Read: What is the probability the spinner will land on five? Spinner numbers contain 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.

Clarify: I had nothing to clarify.

Mathematicians toolbox: I used have I seen a similar problem?

Big question: What is the chance that the spinner will land on five?

Solve: First I saw that all the numbers had equal chances so the 5 had a 1 out of 5 chance that the spinner would land in it.

Conclusion: In conclusion I used the strategy of have I seen a similar problem to get 1 out of 5 of 1/5.

maths mate sheet 2 term 4

Prediction: I predict that in this question i will have to work backwards.
Read: Fill in the missing number.
45 ? 5 = 9

Clarify: I have nothing to clarify.

The Big Question: What’s the missing value?

Mathematicians toolbox: working backwards

Solution: First I multiplied 5 by 9 and got 45 then to check I divided 45 by 5 to get 9 so my answer was 45.

Conclusion: In conclusion I used the strategy of have I seen a similar problem to get an answer of 45.

100 word challenge term 4 week 5

As she lifted the broken glass more debree fell onto poor Lele, she was helpless when things couldn’t get worse she started to sink into the green goo she tried to swim out but the currant was too strong and the swimming didn’t help her out with anything but the mist magical thing happened just as she was about to go under a cat lifted her up and out of the water it was magical because most people would think a dog would save her but the cat did and then became recognized by the world to be a hero.

100 word challenge week 4 tern 4

There is so much wind and the worst thing was that when the tree shook massive amounts of worms grubs and insects flew out off the tree and onto my face it was so disgusting and I hated it so much, I cry every time I think about what happened that day so please if you are on a windy tree make sure that it doesn’t shake because as it shivered they all jumped out onto me I even saw a massive spider.
I cant stop thinking about it though please help me save these endangered species, they need it.

100 wc week 3 term 4

I can’t see can help me? Please. I need help, I need to go back to the camp site, as I was walking back down to the camp site I saw a figure in the distance, I screamed in panic but it didn’t move I walked over curiously to the figure and saw that is was just a statue, relived I read about the statue and it says: BE WHARE! Panicking again a raced down to the camp and then I was welcomed, surprise they shouted in a welcome frenzy it was all just a big prank I was relieve.

100wc week 1 term 4 finally i could see again

No one expected it, but how could you, no one believed me either, but who would… it’s not every day that someone says I can see any more and how would you write the message they say well my one eye has gone blind but still no one believed me and as I grew older it got worse only later it came to my other eye now I was completely blind I had I white cane, as I walking across the road finally I could see but was hit by a car. I work up in hospital. I can see.

100wc term 4 week 2

The bridge stops in the middle how cool! It seem like an awesome trip to go over a bridge stoping in the middle of the river, I can’t wait to look down into the luscious water and see fish and beautiful things in the water. But as we got on all hope was lost instead of the bridge being made to stop it actually was crumbling beneath our own 2 feet. We all tried to fun back to the entrance but it was closed with a gate, but I woke it was a dream, I looked around, I’m in hospital.

100 word challenge week 2 : but its yellow.

Who would eat something like that its… its yellow! Yuk! But bananas are yellow, well.. I don’t like them either! But its just cheese. “I HATE YELLOW THINGS” she screamed and barged out the door “ doesn’t like yellow things” I muttered under my breath. I can’t believe her I said.
This is the worst day of my life, like way couldn’t she just eat the yellow cheese I mean cheese don’t come in any other colour, this is disgraceful. And there the fight between brother Billy and sister Lilly started. It was a tragic day for both of them.

text walking BTN week 9 term 3

Phones are making it dangerous  on the street, next to trains and trams  and on the road. And lots of accident happened when people have their head stuck in their phones.

Headphones can also be a problem because people walk across the street, road or anywhere the can fall, trip and get hurt. Headphones don’t allow you to pay attention to other people or roads you may be in an accident or cause an accident for someone else. And there is also no law that says that people have to pay attention or take their headphones off, so people are risking their life just for music.


battle for Australia recount

On the 3rd of September it was commemoration day for “the battle for Australia”. The day started at 10:00am and went till 12:30pm during this time we honoured the soldiers who lost their lives for Australia, to keep it the way it is now.. we made prayers and sang songs: “be still my soul” and “I am Australian” . we did this to pay tribute to the soldiers and stood around the eternal flame an placed flowers around it to show respect. 6 students from different schools got up to deliver written speech about what the solders went through and how they dealt with it.

We also had a jet fly over us simular to the ones used in the war.

That day we learned more about our country, our history and how it all came to be. the war went from 1941 to 1945.

That day not only did we pay tribute to the fallen soldiers who were fighting but to the soldiers who were captured, the people who supplied them and the nurses.